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We opened our doors in Maddington on January 2012 with only one full time doctor and one part-time doctor. Since then we have grown to seven full-time doctors and three part-time doctors.

Our practice was established to provide general practice to the wider community with a holistic approach within a family orientated environment.

The Practice is Accredited by Australian General Practice Accreditation Pty Ltd (AGPAL) and we focus on ensuring the highest standards and continued quality improvement.

 We are very proud that Western Australian General Practice and Training Ltd(WAGPET) has chosen us as  one of  their training provider general practices.

Granada Medical Practice is   also  an accredited   teaching practice  teaching and training many medical  students  from all the Western Australian  Universities.

Our Practice is open seven days a week, except for public holidays.

We also have Podiatry, Dietitian and Psychology services on site.

Our patients are given the opportunity to make an appointment with their preferred doctor.

Our doctors have more than 50 years of General Practice experience collectively.

Patients can book appointments via phone or online through this website or through the Health Engine website.

In case of a life threatening emergency please call 000 immediately

When our Practice is closed and you require a GP consult contact the After Hours Doctor for a home visit. This service provides a bulk-billed home doctor service.  Contact Number 1300 300 362.  Opening hours Monday to Friday 6pm to 8am.  Saturdays from 12pm and Sundays and Public Holidays available 24 hours. 

Patients can book appointments via phone(0894594414)


online through this website and  through the Health Engine website.

Women’s Health

Women need to have regular health checks and it is important that you see your doctor for regular health check-ups to help you stay healthy and to pick up early warning signs of diseases or illnesses.

Men’s Health

The life expectancy of Australia men is 79 years which is 5 years less than women. Men are probably not as careful as women when it comes to their health.

Child and Adolescent Health

Nothing could be more worrying than your child getting sick! Kids can become easily sick with the common cold, diarrhoea, vomiting and many other nonspecific viral illnesses.


Immunisation is a simple, safe and effective way of protecting people against harmful diseases before they come into contact with them in the community.


Pathology and other tests have an essential role in the diagnosis and screening for disease in medical practice. We provide wide range of investigation facilities within the premise.

Minor Procedures

Our GPs are competent in basic assessment and diagnosis of common skin cancers using dermatosope.They might offer you to have skin biopsy to verify the diagnosis and will offer further treatment.

Health Checks

A health check is an examination of your current state of health. As we get older, many of us become more vulnerable to illness. In order to reduce this risk, a number of health checks or screening tests are recommended at different stages of our lives.

Chronic Disease Management

Chronic diseases are illnesses that are prolonged in duration, do not often resolve spontaneously, and are rarely cured completely.