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Child and Adolescent Health

Child Health

Nothing could be more worrying than your child getting sick! Kids can become easily sick with the common cold, diarrhoea, vomiting and many other nonspecific viral illnesses. As a parent you know your child best and you understand when the child is not well. Our GPs are very experienced and well qualified in child health and will be able to help you managing your child’s medical condition with compassion and care.

Childhood is a complex area with many factors combining to influence children’s health and development. A Childs health and wellbeing depends on what happens to them as individuals, as a part family, as a members of the community and Australian Society as a whole. Prevention, early detection and early intervention with respect to health, education and social problems can improve outcomes for children.

Our GPs provide the following health check-ups and interventions with regard to your child’s health.
6-8 week health check – this is a comprehensive health assessment of your child after delivery which includes checking the heart, lungs, abdomen, joints, eyes, nervous system, growth and development. Our GPs are happy to discuss with you if you have any concerns with your newborn baby.

Child Health Immunisations

Immunisation is simple, safe and effective way of protecting children and the wider community against certain diseases. We provide immunisations to all the age groups according to the immunisation schedule Australia.

Adolescent Health

Adolescents – young people between the ages of 10-19 years are often thought of as healthy group. Nevertheless, many adolescents do face fatal consequences due to accidents, violence, suicide and pregnancy related complications and other illnesses that are either preventable or treatable.

Many more suffer chronic illness and disability. In addition, many serious diseases in adult hood have their roots in their adolescence. For e.g. Tobacco/drug and alcohol use, sexually transmitted disease, poor eating and exercise habits and obesity which can lead to illness or premature deaths later in life .

Most of our GPs are parents with adolescent children and aware of many problems they face. They can provide you with a safe, friendly and non-judgmental environment for you to discuss your sensitive issues and will provide care and support with respect.

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