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Dr James Wong ( Podiatrist ) ; graduated from the University of Western Australia’s Podiatric Medicine Faculty.

Ever since his completion of the degree at UWA (2009-2014); James had undergone further training courses in advancing of his Podiatry Scope of Practice ie: Dry needling therapy, Joint Mobilisations, Laser therapy, Tapings, Counter Strain techniques, Shockwave therapy and so on.

James had been actively involved in mentoring podiatry student and volunteering and researching in the field of podiatry. This has equipped him with sound knowledge of podiatry.

James is often required to work and/or assist with general practitioner (GP- doctors) and other allied health practitioner such as physiotherapy, chiropractors and dietitians giving a holistic approach in managing a patient’s health in an multidisciplinary clinics.

Apart from that; he had also worked as a High Risk care podiatrist at Armadale Hospital; treating many High Risk Patients.

James’s main interest has always been in the field of biomechanics, musculoskeletal functions, laser therapy and shockwave therapy for the fascial plane of the human body, and routine foot work. He had treated numerous individuals including but not limited to; ankle injuries, plantar fasciopathy, shin splints, tight calf muscles and achilles tendinopathy. He has also treated other lower extremity problems, starting from lower back pain, to foot and ankle issues.

​James treats each and every patient of his holistically, this has benefited his patients in faster recovering period.

James utilizes a broad range of podiatric skills and techniques including laser therapy, dry needling (acupunture), joint mobilizations, taping as well as posture realignment/corrections via orthotic prescription on a daily basis. Not only that, he has an extensive knowledge and is experienced in the field of podiatric medicine. James often take his time in listening, understanding and explaining to his patients. This helps to ensure each individual in getting back to onto their feet as soon as possible.

James also treats onychomycosis (fungal nail infection) with the latest treatment modality- laser therapy; performing nail surgeries for ingrown toenails; warts treatment and surgeries; and other minor soft tissue lesions removal.

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