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Published On: October 06, 2022


As a result, we are taking active steps to better your patient experience

What you told us:   Changes we are making:  
You told us that you need more clarification and information on obtaining home visits by a doctor.   Home visits by the doctors at this practice is by their discretion only.

We have registered with two organisations that provide home visits. Their details are displayed in the waiting room :

Dial a Doctor on 1300 030 030 or

13 SICK on 13 7425

Reception Staff also have this information.
More information available on after hours services.  Front Staff will be educated on available after-hours services when we are closed.  We are open on Saturday and Sunday. 

When the Practice is closed you can call:

Dial a Doctor on 1300 030 030

13 SICK on 13 7425
Our waiting time in the surgery to see the doctor.  We will encourage patients to have longer appointment times if discussing more than one issue.  Doctors will endeavour to manage their time. 

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