Antenatal shared care

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We offer our patient for antenatal shared care. Our GPs will advise you regarding initial examinations, routine investigations, follow up visits with your GP throughout your pregnancy, and further referral to the appropriate hospital for the delivery of your baby.

Pre Pregnancy and Early Pregnancy care

All our GP are highly skilled in providing pre pregnancy counselling and advice. Our GPs will discuss, assess and conduct relevant tests and procedures to detect any relevant conditions that may affect the forth coming pregnancy. They will provide you with relevant advice with regard to your diet, nutrition, quit smoking and alcohol, and intake of folic acid.
Our doctors will take a comprehensive family history to determine the risk of any genetic conditions and may provide counselling before pregnancy and might refer you for further generic testing and counselling if required.
We have qualified GPs to provide you shared antenatal care and follow up during your pregnancy and will organise necessary investigations during the early part of the pregnancy.